Wild Wolves

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A Wolf with two cubs.


The first time you think where a wolf lives, its the
woods or a forest. They have to find a place with a
meadow or a field, to hunt elk or deer. Wolves,
they dont need much water so there doesnt have
to be a lot of water nearby, And you hardely
find wolves in deserts or mountains.


Wolves eat anything exept preditores.They dont find
other preditores good as prey, the most usual thing is
wolves eat deer and elk. But what poeple not think
of is they eat moose and bison. And usually
for a snack they find a hare. (A hare is a bunny.)


In winter, wolves find a mate and have 2-10 pups.
After the pups get born they weigh 1 pound. Also, they stay
growing for about 65 days before being born. Wolves
are Black, white, or brown. When the
pups are 8 weeks old, they go at a rendezvous
site with at least 1-2 adult wolves with them.

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