Red Foxes

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A Fox in the snow .


Red Foxes can live in many places for habitats. Like
most live in a forest or mountain. If you
find them in deserts or feilds, thats pretty rare.
Some even live near a farm to feast on the animals there.


On farms foxes eat mice, squrrels, eggs, fruit,
birds, and even chicken. Foxes are omnivores,
so they eat meat and fruit. Foxes kill little creatures
but meanwhile they scavenge for food that is already
killed. In a city, they most likely eat garbage.


In winter, foxes find a mate and can have about two
to twelve pups. Pups can be born brown or grey,
the brown can usually look like orange. The pups
paws and legs are black, some can be gray too. But
after a few weeks the black fades. The pups can weigh
two out of five ounses. When the babies are nice
and grown, they go off on their own.


The Red Fox uses its tail to stay balanced. They use
their tail for many things. In winter they curl up the stay warm
and comfy while sleeping, as well to communicate. They can
put out signals to, for example when the fox marks its territory
it makes a signal with
its tail.

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